Tradeshow Display & One Sheet

Tradeshow Display Middle Display Left Display Right Display

Remarketing Campaign

While working as a Marketing Designer for Commercial Web Services (a division of Dominion Enterprises) we needed to promote two new services we began offering our customers (PPC & Remarketing). Since our client base wasn’t typically marketing savy we knew we had to first explain what these services did and then how they can benefit […]

Event Campaign

AFP Conference The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) holds an annual conference where hundreds of companies in the finance industry come to exhibit, learn and network. Below are a few examples of web and social graphics I created to highlight the company’s presence at this prestigious affair. fff fff fff fff fff

Digital Campaign

Currency Impact Report Each quarter, Kyriba puts out the Currency Impact Report; it’s used as a benchmarking tool for finance and treasury professionals to see how foreign exchange has impacted multinationals on a global level. In addition to designing the report, which you can view here, I also created the creative assets to promote the […]