Tradeshow Display & One Sheet

Tradeshow Display Middle Display Left Display Right Display

Remarketing Campaign

While working as a marketing designer for a large web services company in Norfolk, Virginia, the marketing team needed to promote two new services, PPC and Remarketing. I developed the branded visual design for this campaign and made copy edits to enhance the messaging. I kept the branding simple, light and playful with illustrations to […]

Event Campaign

Below are examples of web and social graphics I created to highlight the company’s presence at a large annual conference where hundreds of companies in the finance industry come to exhibit and network. I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for the digital banners, and I used HTML/CSS in Pardot to create and deploy the email […]

Digital Campaign

While working for a large global financial technology company, I created the visual design for a quarterly report. You can view the multi-page document¬†here. I also created the creative assets to promote the report’s launch. Below is a short video I made for social media and web and social graphics. I used Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator […]